User Account Creation

Since I tire of watching web bots and the like trying to create accounts here, I have modified the system to only allow user accounts to be created by me. If you would like to register a free user account here, please send me an email detailing who you are, the username you would like, and what your gaming name is so that we know who you are.

Thank you for your patience.

Hopefully, the last move.

Due to some minor issues, I had to move GAN and my other sites to a new host. This new host is one I am paying for myself, so there should be no more sudden outages. *knock on wood* IF you try to post a comment, forum topic, etc., and see that your username is not your own, please email me or contact me through this board so I can fix it.

The forums are online and should be running fine. I finally figured out what old version of phpBB we were running, and plan to have all the old stuff online as soon as possible.


Forums Are Good To Go

I did not see anyone posting in the forums, even though they have been up and I fixed some peoples' passwords, so I thought I should tell everyone it is cool to use them since I saw my last message said not to go crazy at that time. The forums are good to go now, so please feel free to post. I am converting the old data into the new phpbb format, so the old content will still be a while before I have it online.

Users Transferred

Ok everyone, I have just finished manually moving all the users from our forums to this site.

edit: Hunter tried his password and it was not working, so I will assume none of the others work either. Please email me with what your username was on the old system and what you want your password to be. I will set them as I get them and we'll move forward from there. [email protected]

New Site Locale

Hello everyone, please excuse the inconvenience, but I needed to move the site to a new host. I am working on the back end of this new site, so please give me a little time. I am trying to modify the forums data from the old phpbb database so that I can use all the current user logins and passwords on this new system. I am in school and working, so please be patient. I hope to have something going by the end of this weekend.


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